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Our Mission

Our Mission

Our Mission

There comes a time in life when you make a choice. You're made aware of something you can't stand the thought of. The whole world around you seems like a dumpster fire spiraling out of control. And then comes the call. Not a phone call, but that gut feeling, and the series of events that follows to get your attention. That's God calling you up to serve. 

So there's where that choice comes in. You either choose to continue complaining about what you don't like, or you pull up your bootstraps and embark on the unknown. Everyone gets called, but few listen and accept the mission. "Many are called but few are chosen", Matthew 22:14

God told me to get a few horses from the slaughter pipeline. I had no idea what I was doing as far as kill pen horses go. We didn't even own a trailer! So, we rented a trailer and bought two horses from a kill pen in Oklahoma- Hoss, and Star. I sold my car to do this. Luckily for me, my husband doesn't question when I explain we're "told" to do something. Usually through a dream and a gut feeling. He understands, and helps formulate a plan to execute the mission. As our little rescue program sharing our horses with others progressed, we got a few more. Pretty soon we had rescued 14 horses in total and now have 9 permanent horses in our string! Our rescue went from a cool backyard good-will project to a world-renowned full-blown rescue experience, existing to educate everyone on the atrocities of the horse slaughter industry. Now, we're experts in the field. Our horses made us better horsemen. They teach us something new everyday, and serve as ambassadors helping save more slaughter-bound horses.

Then came the other call. God said, "oh, ya'll thought you were done with just horses, huh?". As our world is still seemingly a dumpster fire of both disturbing and puzzling events, it became clear that we could no longer stay silent. Not people to normally share our faith or political views... or even pay attention to politics other than Presidential elections... we realized that people everywhere needed Trail Blazers to stand up and speak out. People in our community were afraid to speak their mind, afraid to be civilly disobedient. Despite being ex-law enforcement, not us! It's in our DNA. In 2020, when the whole world was locked down, we stayed open. Mask mandates were enforced in every state. Not on our ranch! Anti-mask isn't political- its called understanding virology and what a homemade cheetah-print cloth mask.... or blue paper medical mask is for. It ain't virus particles. We lost friends over these decisions. Bye Felecia! "But even if you should suffer for what is right, you are blessed. Do not fear their threats; do not be frightened.” -1 Peter 3:14

While we've always shared our faith with people that come to enjoy our rescue horses with us, this time it was clear. Our mission got a whole lot bigger! I've always been opinionated about "organized religion", and can argue flaws in all their "doctrines".... AKA "inDOCTRINations" with the best of them. It's never about disrespecting someone's beliefs..... I guess I've always had this burning righteous anger against man-made lies that psychologically abuse people. That's not God, or Jesus. And that's definitely not what Jesus preached! Only Satan manipulates people and tells half-truths. As 2020 rolled on, disclosures coming out by the dozens, it became crystal clear- we were going to have to get a whole lot more vocal. We were called once again to fight. This time, for the soul of our country. One sign after another, one thing let to another- we were called to minister through our horse rescue in a very forward way. So, we became licensed ministers. Cowboy and Cowgirl Preachers.

Oh, I doubted the decision. A LOT. Who am I, Lord? God told me to read about his flawed chosen Kings and Disciples. Some of them were saltier, bigger sinners than me! "Are you going to refuse the mission I chose for you?", I kept feeling this, hearing those words. No. "Here I am, Lord." And just like that we answered the call.

Teaching others about Jesus... who by the way was a civilly disobedient bad A... is what we were called to do. From horseback. Wearing jeans, wildrags, and pearl snaps. Speaking plainly, in that salt-of-the-earth way that truly connects with people. No mask. No charades. No put-on. We're done with tyrants, both foreign and domestic. We're done with animal abuse. We're done with it all. It's time again the Tree of Liberty be watered.

Our mission- Save America, save the horses. We need Jesus for both. We put on the armor of God to fight both. We always win. America needs Jesus and cowboy culture. And we're cowboy warriors here to bring it back.