Meet The Horses



Tennessee Walking Horse

Scout is Boss-Man, Heath Sasko's trusty horse. Occasionally, he doubles as a guest or lesson horse. Scout is 6-7 years old.  He was sad, sick, and skinny when we chose him at the kill pen. We had no intention of picking up a second horse that day, but he just wouldn't take his eyes off us! He was dumped in the middle of the night at that kill pen, tied up to the corrals. Scout is sweet, sensitive, and goofy. He is the youngest horse we have (horses live 30-40 years on average).



Captive-born Mustang

Chief is Boss-Lady Rozanna's horse. He is a 12-year old Medicine Hat Paint. You can read the legend of these supernatural horses here. Chief is very creative, stubborn, and opinionated. Sometimes his intelligence gets him in trouble, Lol. Chief had a rearing and runaway problem when we got him. He obviously had a rough-handling overbearing owner in the past, who then dumped him at the kill pen. With lots of time and patience, he and Rozanna are now inseparable partners in crime!



Silver Buckskin Appaloosa

Star is our only mare (girl horse), and is definitely Queen of the horse pasture! She is 12 years old, and one of our most trusted horses for riders with disabilities, tiny children, and grandmas/grandpas. Star takes life at her own pace, usually in the very back of the group. She does everything she's asked... as long as you tell her she's pretty and doing a good job. Her range of facial expressions is quite impressive as well! Star used to carry the American flag into rodeo openings at her previous home. 



Palomino Missouri Fox Trotter

Hoss is a 12 year old gelding. He is gaited, meaning he has a fancy smooth way of moving his feet. Hoss is also known as "Sheldon" out here- he likes a routine exactly the same every day every time. One thing out of place and his whole day is storm clouds! Hoss is such a smart horse, and one of the best ranch horses, picking carefully where he walks. He previously was a trail horse for a man in the Ozark Mountains of Missouri.



Bay Belgian x Morgan

Winchester is a 12-year old Belgian x Morgan cross. Being half draft horse, he is a pretty stout and very strong dude. Winchester has a VERY confident personality, and always wants to get to work. Previously, he pulled a carriage by himself in Raleigh North Carolina. When his elderly owner died, he ended up at auction where the Kill Pen bought him. Morgan horses, the other half of his DNA, were used as war horses during the Civil War, Battle of Little Big Horn, WWI and WWII. They are known for bravery. Winchester is named after the only survivor on the American side of the Battle of Wounded Knee, which was a Morgan horse, later awarded the Medal of Honor.


Sorrel Tennessee Walking Horse

Copper is a 13-yo Tennessee Walking Horse from Oklahoma. He is the most educated with western reining and neck reins like a cowboy movie horse. His sweet, lazy personality makes him a favorite of friends & students. He is one of the horses we use to ride double or for very small children. Previously, he was a family's horse used for cattle drives and junior rodeos. Copper loves his new life and all the love (and snacks) he gets daily.



Medicine Hat Missouri Fox Trotter

Ranger is a 12-yo Medicine Hat Missouri Fox Trotter. He is our tallest horse, but also one of the laziest! Ranger completed our assessment program in a record 3 days instead of the typical 30. He is such an easy going love bug! Ranger loves doing anything or going anywhere with his humans. He rides double, even triple with little kids! Ranger was dumped off at the kill pen by his previous trail ride company owners because he developed an eye ulcer. They thought it would be expensive to treat. Lucky for him AND us, we snapped him up with his swollen eye. A week later, with a daily prescription ointment he was "healthy as a horse". He is a cool dude with one blue eye and one brown eye.


Lin Wood

Bay Quarter Horse

"Woody" as we call him for short is a 25 year old bay Quarter Horse. He is now our Wrangler, Brant's riding horse, and doubles as a trail/lesson horse when Brant isn't working. He was used on a cattle ranch most of his life, and competed in reining/cowhorse shows. He is quite the reining pro! After serving half his life, earning money for his former owners, they dropped him off at a kill pen near Dallas because he "couldn't pull an 8-hour day", and sustained a minor injury to his right knee preventing him from being a money-earner athlete any longer. We found Woody and snapped this sweet soul up! He is an awesome ranch/roping horse, and probably knows more about roping than we do!



Brown Mini Horse

Teddy is a 12 year old brown Mini Horse. He is just 40" tall! While Teddy doesn't usually go along for ranch lesson rides, he loves being brushed and serves as a toddler's short-time lesson horse. Yes, he has his own tiny saddle and headstall! Teddy tends to believe he is "herd boss" of the big horses.... and who are we to say any different? lol

Teddy is sweet and lovable like a teddybear, loves hugs, kisses, photos, horse cookies and generally being included in whatever activity is happening at the ranch. He is our "chocolate pony" that makes everyone's day brighter!

If you'd like to rescue a horse of your own from a kill pen, please text Rozanna at 830-998-0024. She is happy to help you locate one that will suit your needs and navigate the process.