of the Medicine Hat Paint

The "Medicine Hat" horse is a predominantly white horse with color on the ears and top of the head; the color can be brown, black or any color, which gives the horse the appearance of wearing a hat. Sometimes the horse may have a few other colored patches on the body, but the more white the horse is, the more powerful their "magic". 

Native American tribes, especially the Plains Indians, referred to the pattern as a "Medicine Hat" or a "War Bonnet".  They believed a horse with this pattern to be a superior one.  Some tribes believed that the rider of a Medicine Hat horse would never be hurt; that the horse would warn its master of danger; that it would be able to find game regardless of the terrain.

If the ‘medicine hat’ horse had blue eyes, it was even more highly prized, the blue eyes giving the horse a ghostly, otherworldly appearance. They were believed to be able to see the spirit world with their blue eye/eyes (some horses are born with one blue eye and one brown eye). Their white coats were perfect for displaying the magic or power symbols that were often painted on.  Because a "Medicine Hat" was considered to be especially lucky, by having it wear a magic symbol, the horse embodied the magical qualities of the tribe even more.

Medicine Hats were closely guarded, for losing a Medicine Hat was considered to be an ill omen, which would affect the whole tribe; the good magic would go wherever the horse goes.  Because of this, tribes would try and steal a Medicine Hat of another tribe to obtain the horse’s good luck, and to deprive that tribe of said good luck.

Another astonishing trait only a Medicine Hat possesses is called the "Thumbprint of God". If you ever get to see and feel this for yourself, it is guaranteed to send chills down your spine. This "Tumbprint of God" is a little dent or dimple, about the size of a man's thumbprint if it were smooshed into clay, indented into the chest muscle somewhere on a Medicine Hat horse. Both of my "hats", Chief and Ranger have this "thumbprint". To test the theory further, the "dent" in the muscle is not exhibited on any of our other horses, nor is it in a natural convergence of two muscle groups! This dimple is said to represent God's special "seal of approval" on each Medicine Hat paint horse. I like to think of it as God's special insignia signature on a limited edition piece of art.