"I am the light of the world. Whoever follows me will not ride in darkness"
-John 8:12


  • Join us for an exclusive 2 hour experience on our working ranch!

    Mon, Thu, Fri, Sat, Sun

    2 hr

    111 US dollars




We welcome all ages and skill levels to come ride with us! Please consider a few facts below before booking-

Little kids must be able to steer their horse on their own which mostly requires "bossiness" and "try". If they cannot do that, a lesson may be a better fit.

You are responsible for your children! No screaming, running, acting wild. We have awesome well-behaved kids of all ages that come ride with us! Please make sure your kid is one of those. 

250lb weight limit. We do have a scale to verify for the health of our horses. Please consider no matter what weight you are that you will need to lift your leg belly high and have the strength to stand up on that one leg to get on any horse. Age is never a factor with this. It's always about the will to get up there!

Riding double with a child weighing under 40lbs is at parent's discretion. We do not necessarily recommend it, but is up to the parent. Please text Rozanna ahead of time and let her know if you plan to do this.

All riders have to be able to ride the whole experience length (riding time is a little over an hour +/- depending on group size, etc). We will not cut the ride short, and you won't be able to ride your horse back alone. Please consider this in hot weather.

No pets!


Please bring water, but plan to leave it at the barn. If you need to take water on horseback, bring a camelback.

No crying or screaming- it freaks out your horse! We have some of the gentlest best horses there are. If you follow our lesson instruction, you will easily follow along on the experience without issue.

Please bring your listening ears and willingness to follow along. If you don't plan on paying attention, already "know everything", and don't want to follow instructions, I'll be happy to refer you to another facility.


This is REAL horseback riding. Our horses are not old "plugs" (except one) although they are safe and gentle. What makes your ride safe and enjoyable for everyone is if you pay attention when we show you how your horse works.

We operate as a non-profit Faith Based Organization "FBO", and all rides/purchases are by donation which is tax deductible.

Weather Cancellation

Rides will operate as scheduled unless: HOSTS cancel due to what they decide is "dangerous" weather. This would include lightening and torrential downpours. Cancelled rides due to weather is highly unlikely.

Please read our Cancellation Policy here

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